Helping needy Australians
is a piece of cake

You can make a real difference with your Big Cake Bake event.
By baking and raising money, you will be supporting vital Red Cross programs to help improve the lives of vulnerable people in Australia and across the region.

Recipe of the week

Stefano Manfredi’s Rice Pudding Cake
This week’s recipe of the week comes from the Godfather of modern Italian cuisine in Australia and proud Big Cake Bake ambassador Stefano Manfredi. His twist on an Italian classic, the torta di riso (rice pudding cake) is simple to make and totally delicious. Second servings definitely allowed!

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Joining Big Cake Bake is
easier than you think!

Register to host a Big Cake Bake event with family, friends or colleagues anytime, anywhere throughout August or on the official event day Monday 31 August. Registering is simple and will only take a few minutes.

Can’t bake?
Why not donate?

Every dollar helps those in need. The more money we can raise together, the more support Red Cross can provide to vulnerable people. If you’re unable to host a Big Cake Bake event you can still support Red Cross by making a donation.