How to Host an Event

You’ve decided to take part in Big Cake Bake – hooray! We’re thrilled that you’re joining our team of baking heroes by hosting an event, thank you so much.

So, what’s next?


1 Save the date

The official event date for Big Cake Bake is Friday 27 October. That’s when the majority of bakers around Australia will be pulling out their mixers, baking paper, cookie cutters and bread tins.
However, you can hold your activity anytime throughout October – just let us know which date best suits your baking timetable!

2 Plan Your Event

Have you thought about where you’re going to hold your Big Cake Bake? Make sure you leave time to book the venue if required. Your event is all about bringing people together and raising money for Red Cross, so make sure you choose somewhere that has plenty of space for your cakes and your mates!

Set a clear budget for your event, and don’t be afraid to ask for prizes, services and venues to be donated. You might be surprised at how generous people can be when it’s for a good cause!

And what about a theme? Setting a theme for your event could make it even more fun – it could be a high tea, a bake-off style competition or perhaps a Go Red for Red Cross party!


3 Gather a crowd

Hosting a Big Cake Bake is all about getting friends, family and/or colleagues together.

Give your guests plenty of notice by sending a ‘Save the Date’ as soon as possible, and then follow up with the full event details closer to the time. Make use of the Big Cake Event online resources to help spread the word in your office, school or local community.

Personalise your online fundraising page

Using your online fundraising page is a simple and secure way to raise money! Here are four simple steps to set up your page:

  • Upload a profile picture
  • Add a personal story to tell everyone why you’re choosing to take part in Big Cake Bake
  • Post updates to keep your supporters in the loop
  • Share the link to your page via social media, email or text to spread the word

5 Get ready for the big day

Check out some delicious recipes from our ambassadors and supporters, and download posters and bunting ready to decorate your venue. Start asking friends to lend a hand with the baking, and of course, if you need any extra resources or help from us, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team.

Don’t forget to say ‘thank you’

It’s always a nice touch to say or send, a big thank you to everyone who helped make your event possible; the people who baked, the venue managers, anyone who donated goods or prizes, and of course your generous guests who attended and made your event a success by donating.

The money raised from your event will contribute towards the vital everyday work of Red Cross, supporting people in need across Australia and overseas.

Don’t forget to share the final total raised so your guests can feel proud of what you achieved together. Send an email and use our downloadable Thank You certificate to share the great news! You can also share this film with them so they can see the impact their donations will make.

Send in your money

Here’s the final step – making sure Red Cross receives the funds you raised. It’s easy to do. If you’ve used your online fundraising page to take donations, we will already have received them, and your guests will have been receipted. You’ll find the information you need for paying in your Big Cake Bake money included in the online host guide.