Fundraise at home or in your community with Big Cake Bake!

Whether it’s a high tea at your local community centre, a friendly bake off at home or a simple cake and a cuppa with the girls at your local café – whatever your style, wherever you hold it, hosting a Big Cake Bake event is a great way to get everyone together and raise some much needed funds for Red Cross.

Big Cake Bake is a fun and easy way to make a difference to the lives of people in need. Every day Red Cross helps people overcome crisis in Australia and beyond – whether that’s helping to build healthy communities, giving someone a safe place to stay, or supporting people as they recover from an emergency. By organising a Big Cake Bake event at home, you’ll be raising money to help Red Cross continue its vital everyday work.

Our official event date is Friday 27 October, but if you’re a little busy that day, feel free to organise your event on any other day during October.

Register your fundraising event today! (We’ll be in touch with materials and tips to help make it a great success!)


Why fundraise at home or in your
community with Big Cake Bake?

Hosting a Big Cake Bake is a delicious way to gather those close to you and do something special for people who find themselves facing tough times. It’s a perfect opportunity to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in ages, connect with people that also want to make a difference and inspire others to have fun for a good cause.

Not only will you raise vital funds, but as a bonus you’ll also experience that feel-good glow that comes from doing something amazing for people in need. Hosting a Big Cake Bake event is a thoroughly rewarding experience that makes it easy for everyone to give while having a good time.

So what are you waiting for?

Pop the kettle on, dust off that apron and get ready to have a wonderful time for a great cause!

Fundraise at home table