Fundraise for Big Cake Bake at school

Fundraise at school with Big Cake Bake!

Whether you’re a teacher, parent or member of the student council, we’re here to help you run a school fundraiser that is fun, delicious and makes a big difference to families and communities in need.

This spring, schools around Australia will be getting their whisks and spatulas ready to bake a better place for vulnerable people. Will you be one of them?

Our official event date is Friday 28 October, but if things are a little busy at school that day, you can hold your Big Cake Bake fundraising event any time throughout October.

Go big with a baking fete (did I hear someone say ‘cream-pie throwing at brave teachers?), or keep things simple with a bake stall or friendly competition between classes. Either way, you will be raising vital funds to help people in our local and international communities access a safe place to stay, a nutritious meal, or companionship in times of crisis and isolation.

Register your school fundraising event today! (We’ll be in touch with materials and tips to help make it a great success!)

Why fundraise at school
with Big Cake Bake?

Big Cake Bake is about encouraging the kids at school to think about broader social issues and to feel empowered in their efforts to make a difference.

When students, teachers and parents work together for a cause greater than the school itself, it’s easy for the kids to understand what being charitable is all about.

They will be learning about collaboration at the same time as understanding and empathising with the experiences of the people they are helping.




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