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How your baking brilliance will help people in need.

Big Cake Bake is more than a fun way to eat your favourite treats amongst friends, it’s also about raising money for the vital work of Red Cross.

Every day Red Cross helps people overcome crisis in Australia and beyond – whether that’s helping build healthy communities, giving someone a safe place to stay, or supporting people  as they recover from an emergency.

Our work is made possible thanks to the generosity of people who, just like you, go the extra mile by raising money or making  donations to Red Cross through initiatives like Big Cake Bake.

Disaster response and recovery

Four years after losing all his possessions in the devastating Bundaberg floods, Colin Crossey says he’s never been happier and more grateful to be alive.

“Every moment I’m awake I’m on cloud nine”, the 97 year old says. It’s a far cry from the days following the record 2013 flood, when his home – a caravan – and all his belongings were destroyed in the destructive floods that swept through the town.

Colin, with just the clothes on his back, was sleeping in the Bundaberg Evacuation Centre,  managed by Red Cross Emergency Services volunteers.

He continues to be struck by the spirit of volunteerism; that the people worked around the clock caring for people who had lost so much. “Unbelievable… I was fascinated by the work these people did for nothing. They cared for me when I needed help.”

Colin was also supported by Red Cross in finding new accommodation. Without Red Cross those decisions would have been impossible, he says. “I had to decide what I was going to do with my life. I was very confused, lost everything, everything. My whole life was under water and I wasn’t allowed to go near it.”

When you get together with family, friends or colleagues this October you’ll be helping Red Cross help people who are recovering from terrible storms, bushfires, and earthquakes – both here in Australia and further afield. Please register your baking event, or make a donation.


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$60 provides kitchenware for families around our region who have lost their household goods in a disaster.
$300 will help meet immediate needs such as clothing, food and somewhere to stay the night for an Australian family who have lost everything in a house fire.
Red Cross disaster volunteers
Bundaberg Floods

A safe place for young people

Marshall has been homeless since he was 16.

Now 20, Marshall lives a precarious life of couch surfing at mates’ places, staying at shelters and when he can’t find anywhere else, bedding down in stairwells and corridors of inner city car parks.

Last year Marshall lost hope things would ever get any better. He walked on to Brisbane’s Storey Bridge, high above the Brisbane River, and jumped off. He suffered multiple broken bones but fortunately passing joggers saw what happened, dragged him from the river and he’s alive today.

His bones have now mended, but there’s still much more he wants to fix in his life.

One place Marshall goes to find hope and support is Brisbane’s Night Café, run by Red Cross in the town hall building of the City of Brisbane. Twice a week Red Cross youth workers and a team of dedicated volunteers open the doors for young people to get a hot meal, warm shower and positive support.

“I wouldn’t be able to have this hope that I’m kind of holding on to without Night Café”, he said.

“When I walk into Night Café I get a sense of joy, hope, compassion, support, comfort, everything positive. There’s just no negative vibes when you come in here, everyone wants to help”.

Last year, Red Cross helped out more than 4,000 people who were either homeless or at risk of homelessness. The support Red Cross provides not only helps people to find housing but helps them build life skills or prevents people from becoming homeless in the first place. Fundraise with us this October and help more people like Marshall find hope.


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$120  could contribute towards training a volunteer to provide intensive support so that vulnerable young parents have the opportunity to secure a qualification and develop life skills such as driving, budgeting and cooking.
$295 could assist Red Cross to provide a young homelessness person with support and connections to build a pathway from the streets to a stable home, education or employment.
Marshal at Red Cross Brisbane's Night Cafe
Bob at Brisbane's Night Cafe for the Homeless

Building healthy communities overseas

The mothers of Belu’s villages have it tough.

In a remote Indonesian village, Belu, most mothers can’t afford to have their babies delivered safely at a health centre. Drought has ruined their crops and livelihoods, and they’re struggling to find nutritious food and safe water for their children. Yet despite huge challenges, they’re doing everything they can to make life better for their children.

Lucinda thought her dream of becoming a midwife was over when she fell pregnant and drought hit her community. When her son Dio became malnourished, she reached out to Red Cross for help.

Lucinda is now training to be one of the first Red Cross volunteers in her village. With the knowledge and skills she learns, she will be able to improve Dio’s health and help other mothers provide nutritious food to their babies. And she’ll gain practical experience which will help her realise her dream of working as a midwife in her community, helping mothers have safer births.

By fundraising with us this October, your Big Cake Bake event will help more women build healthy families and communities. Please register your baking event or make a donation.


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$60 will give a mother a safe birth under the supervision of a trained midwife, in a village community centre.
$100 will give an Indonesian family tools and training to grow nutritious food at home.
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