Natasha Burnet

Banked Monies We Raised at my Event Saturday

My family and I raised $77.75 dollars at our BigCakeBake fundraiser on Saturday 28th, my boys help raise n door knocked for funds. 
Such an amazing turn out I believe I have hit my goal target ? 
So proud of our efforts. 

Who’s joining me for a Cuppa, you can bring the cake

28th Aug 2021, at 10am for some morning tea and chats, bring a friend or 2 more the merrier.! 

I’m baking the world better!

I’m hosting a Big Cake Bake event to help Red Cross make a difference to the lives of thousands of Australians.

Big Cake Bake supports people in so many ways, from helping people when they’re alone or facing a crisis, to enabling phone calls and visits, trips to the doctor or community get-togethers, and training and equipping emergency volunteer teams.

To help make my Big Cake Bake deliciously successful you’re invited to share a cuppa and slice of cake, and donate to Red Cross.

I’d love your support. Please donate to my page today.

Thank you!

Thank you to my Sponsors



great cause!! <3<3<3


David De Montfort

A wonderful thing to do! Have a great day with friends and supporters. Love David


Elizabeth De Montfort

Great project Tarsh.


Robyn Stafford


Leonie Rameka

Supporting a great cause and a lovely lady. Incase I don't make the stall today.


Ken Smith

Such a great thing to get behind, well done Tarshy!


Natasha Burnet