Fundraise at School


This year, students can bake for humanity!

Are you a teacher, parent or member of your school or student council?

Why not get students to take part in the Big Cake Bake by holding a cake stall or classroom v classroom bake-off?

Fundraising for a good cause is great for children, helping them develop compassion and a sense of community while also learning skills like working in a team.

You could even make your event a healthy bake with yummy carrot cake, crunchy muesli bars or tasty zucchini slice. Check out our healthy baking tips and hints.

Register your school fundraising event today!

Why fundraise at school with Big Cake Bake?

Big Cake Bake helps encourage students to think about broader social issues and feel empowered to make a difference.

When students, teachers and parents work together for a cause outside the school, it helps children understand what being charitable is all about.

Working together to hold a Big Cake Bakes teaches collaboration, teamwork and simple business skills while also developing understanding and empathy for the people you are helping.