Frequently Asked Questions

What is Big Cake Bake?

Big Cake Bake is a fun and easy way to make a difference to the lives of people in need. It’s about getting together with your work colleagues, friends and family to bake the world a better place.

Taking part is easy, and everyone can join in. Simply by hosting a morning tea, cake sale, workplace bake off, or a cake decorating competition to you’ll be helping vulnerable people in our local and international communities.

Once you register, we’ll send you a link to download all resources containing all the information you need to get started and plan your event.


When is Big Cake Bake?

Big Cake Bake will be happening throughout the month of October, with the official date being Wednesday 16 October 2019.


How does this event work?

It’s easy. The idea is to host a Big Cake Bake event in your workplace, home or community and raise much needed funds to support the vital work of Red Cross.

Register at, by calling the team on 1800 733 276, or email Once registered, you will be sent a link to download your host kit with all the information you need to get started

  1. Plan your event. The host kit contains all the tools you need to run a successful event, including a fundraising guide, posters and bunting to promote your event and more
  2. Spread the word! Get as many people as possible to support your event and raise as much as you can to help support those in need.
  3. Send in the money you raise to Red Cross and then start saving recipes for next year!


Is Big Cake Bake a national event?

Yes. Big Cake Bake is happening in every State and Territory in Australia.


I really want to hold an event, but I can’t do it on 16 October 2019

Big Cake Bake’s official event day is on 16 October 2019, and while this is when many of our activities will occur, we want to encourage as many people as possible to take part. You can hold your event anytime, anywhere throughout October – just let us know when you fill out your registration form.


Do I have to host an event?

Hosting an event is a great way to raise funds for Red Cross and have some fun too. However, if you’re not able to host an event during October, you can also make a donation online at


Do I have to bake?

While Big Cake Bake lets you have some fun in the kitchen, the event is more about getting together with your friends, family or colleagues and supporting a great cause.

If you’d prefer not to bake, why not organise a competition where everyone else bakes? Or see if your local bakery or supermarket will donate a cake, which you can then slice up and sell?


Does it cost anything to take part?

There is no cost to register for Big Cake Bake. If you are hosting an event, there may be costs associated with running your event. You might choose to make a cake from ingredients you already have at home, or you may want to buy one.

Alternatively, you could encourage a friend, family member or colleague to bake a cake for you, or ask a local bakery or supermarket if they can support your event by donating something. You might also choose to theme your event or supply goodie bags for your guests.


How much do I have to raise?

There isn’t a set minimum amount that you have to raise to take part in Big Cake Bake, however we ask our hosts to do their best to raise as much as possible. The more money we can raise together, the more support Red Cross can give to vulnerable people around Australia and overseas.


What support will I receive?

Once you register you will be sent a link to download your host kit with all the information you need to get started, including posters and bunting. You can get in touch with the Big Cake Bake team for help and support by calling 1800 733 276 or email with any queries. You can also contact us via Facebook at or on Twitter using #bigcakebake.


Do I have to hold my event at work?

You can hold your Big Cake Bake event anywhere during the month of October. Your workplace is just one of many places you can hold your event, and offers a great opportunity for team building and staff engagement. You may even want to encourage your employer to support your event by dollar matching what you and your colleagues raise. If you can’t hold a Big Cake Bake event in your workplace, consider having one at home, or at a suitable venue in your local community.


How can I get my school/university involved?

Hosting a Big Cake Bake event is a great way to get students involved in fundraising and learn about the humanitarian work of Red Cross. Events could include a school cake sale, a teachers tea party, a ‘Go Red’ for Red Cross themed day or perhaps a stall at a school or community fete.


I see there are celebrities involved. How much are they paid?

Many celebrities are keen to support the work of Red Cross and one way they can do this is through Big Cake Bake. All of the celebrities involved have generously donated their time. There is no cost to Red Cross.


What shall I do about food allergies?

Make sure you check what ingredients have been included in any products before purchase or consumption at a Big Cake Bake event. You must where possible disclose the ingredients used in products being sold or exchanged. You can do this verbally or by labelling your products.

Red Cross accepts no responsibility for any issues arising from the selling of foods prepared for Big Cake Bake events, including food allergies, adverse reactions, food poisoning, anaphylaxis, other illnesses or sickness caused by food products and/or their preparation, storage, handling, presentation or consumption.


What about food handling?

It is the responsibility of the registered host or supporter preparing or cooking products for Big Cake Bake events to ensure they maintain a standard of hygiene when baking.

Any agreements to purchase products from a Big Cake Bake registered host or supporter is an agreement between the buyer and the registered host or supporter. Australian Red Cross has no control over third party fundraising activities and takes no responsibility over the quality, safety or legality of the products being sold and exchanged.

If you do not have the appropriate appliances accessible on the premises of where the selling of food is to occur then avoid selling products that require refrigeration or need to be kept at cold temperatures. This includes cold set products such as mousse and ice-cream.


Do I require a permit to sell baked goods?

Depending on the venue, you may need a permit to sell baked goods. If you are holding your Big Cake Bake event in a public place that is outside of your home or workplace, please check with the venue management or your local council. Regulations vary in each State and Territory. For all trading, gaming, racing, licensing, promotional and fundraising requirements, please check legislation by contacting your nearest office:

ACT Gambling and Racing Commission
PH: 02 6207 0359

Office of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner
PH: 131 882

NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing
PH: 02 9995 0300

Department of Liquor and Gaming
PH: 03 6166 4444

Racing Gaming and Licensing
PH: 08 8999 5511

Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation
PH: 1300 182 457

Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing
PH: 13 74 68

Department of Gaming, Racing and Liquor
PH: 08 9425 1888


Where does the money raised go?

The money raised at Big Cake Bake events around the country will go towards our vital every day work in the community – from assisting elderly and isolated people to stay independent at home, to providing a nutritious breakfast for children who might otherwise go to school hungry, and responding to natural disasters as soon as they occur.

Detailed information on our local and international support services can be found at


I am hosting an event at a venue that is not my home. Are my attendees and I covered in the event of an accident or injury?

Australian Red Cross Public Liability Insurance only covers Red Cross staff, members and registered volunteers, not people who attend your event.

If you are holding an event at your workplace, check with your manager or Human Resources department that your organisation has Public Liability Insurance that is valid on the day of your event.

If you are holding an event at a public venue, for example, a park or community centre, please contact the local council, or the venue management, to ensure they have Public Liability Insurance that is valid on the day of your event.


I have already donated to a recent disaster or mail appeal. Why does Red Cross still need money?

There have been an extraordinary number of natural disasters in Australia and around the world over the past 12 months. Each time, Red Cross was one of the first organisations to respond, and in many cases, Red Cross staff are still on the ground, helping to rebuild lives and communities. If you contributed to a fundraising appeal for a specific disaster, you will have helped our emergency response.

However, disaster response is only one part of what Australian Red Cross does. Every day we support vulnerable communities to access some of life’s basic essentials like healthy food or clean water, a safe place to stay, and companionship Big Cake Bake is one way that we raise funds to support these life-changing programs.


Will people be collecting money in the streets?

No. Big Cake Bake is about hosting events in your home, office or community, amongst your friends, family and colleagues. There will not be any people standing in the street collecting money for Big Cake Bake.

If you have any queries about a fundraising activity in your area, please contact Red Cross on 1800 733 276.


Are there other ways to support Red Cross and help vulnerable people in need?

Yes. There are many ways in which you can support the work we do. You can hold an event of your own at any time of the year, become a regular monthly giver or leave a gift in your Will. You can also donate clothing to our Red Cross Shops, or volunteer your time with one of our community programs. Visit for more details.


How can I deposit my Big Cake Bake money?

There are several ways you can deposit the money you have raised from your Big Cake Bake event.

a) Bank deposit — Deposit your funds into the following Commonwealth Bank account, remembering to use your unique reference number that is detailed in your welcome email or host kit paperwork. If you have misplaced this information, please call the Big Cake Bake team on 1800 733 276. We need you to reference your unique number so that we can identify your deposit. Name: Australian Red Cross Society Account Number: 1298 1023 BSB: 063-000. Please use the reference BCB and your full name

b) Cheque or money order — Please send cheques/money orders made payable to ‘Australian Red Cross’ to Australian Red Cross, Big Cake Bake, GPO Box 4343, Melbourne VIC 3001.

c) Credit card online — use your credit card to return funds collected at your Big Cake Bake event through your fundraising dashboard. Log in to your dashboard and firstly click on the ‘My Donations’ button. From there you will see a red button ‘Add Offline Donation’ which will allow you make one lump sum payment or individual payments received from donors at your event. Please note, if you are making individual payments on behalf of your donors, you will be required to enter in their contact details so they can be issued with a tax receipt accordingly. Tax receipts are for donations only. Please see below for more information on tax receipts.

d) Credit card by phone — you can call us on 1800 733 276 and quote the reference BCB and provide your full name.

e) Encourage your donors to donate directly to your online fundraising page — share the link to your online fundraising page via email and social media to everyone attending your Big Cake Bake event. Once they visit your page, tell them to click on the red ‘Sponsor Me’ button. Donors can pay directly to your page, leave messages of support and will automatically receive a tax receipt for their donation.

f) Tax receipts —

  1. If your supporters request a tax receipt, please use the Receipt Request Form included in your kit and return it to us along with your cheque, money order or with your bank deposit receipt. This form cannot be used for any payments made via your online fundraising page by credit card (see point 3 for instructions on how you can make credit card payments for donations collected at your event).
  2. If your donors would like to make an online donation, they can do this directly through your online page and will be issued an automatic tax receipt.

If you do not have an online fundraising page or have forgotten the details, please contact the Big Cake Bake team on 1800 733 276 for assistance.

Note — Only donations can be receipted; the purchase of goods and services are not classified as a donation. Donations $2 and over are tax deductible


Are funds raised from Big Cake Bake tax deductible?

Yes. All donations over the value of $2 are tax deductible. If you are collecting cash or cheque donations at your event and your guest/s would like a receipt, please send us their details, along with the total amount they gave and we will arrange for a receipt to be sent to them.