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This October you’re invited to get together
with friends, family, colleagues to help

bake the world better place.

Big Cake Bake is all about doing something kind, generous and delicious while helping others.

No matter how big or small your morning tea, cake stall, workplace bake off or cake decorating competition, you’ll be raising vital funds that make a difference to the lives of thousands of people.

You can read more about the people and communities you’ll be helping this October.

Thank you and happy baking!

How it Works

Step 1

Choose whether to host a morning tea, cake sale, workplace bake off or cake decorating competition.

Step 2

Register for Big Cake Bake and create your own individual online fundraising page.

Step 3

Host your event and raise funds for Red Cross.

Step 4

Know that you are helping to bake the world a better place.

Recipe Inspiration!



Kate Ritchie is one of Australia’s best loved actresses, having spent 20 years as Sally Fletcher on Home and Away, a role which invited her into lounge rooms all over the globe and earned her two Gold Logies.

This time last year she was reprising that role after being invited back as a guest to help celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary. Beyond the shores of Summer Bay Kate has...

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Big Cake Bake Resources

We’ve got everything you need to help make your event a success! From event posters, to social media pics, to brightening up your event with Big Cake Bake bunting!

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Join our team of bakers today!

Register to host a Big Cake Bake with family, friends or colleagues and host your event anytime throughout October.  

No time to host?

If you’re unable to host a Big Cake Bake event you can still help vulnerable people by making an online donation today!

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