Who you are helping

We think cake tastes even better when it’s raising money for the vital work of Red Cross.

It’s deliciously simple. When you enjoy a slice of cake and a cuppa at a Big Cake Bake event the money raised will help connect more people to their strengths, each other and to the things we all need to build good lives.

Your Big Cake Bake will support these sorts of life-changing programs:

  • Transport for people who are elderly or unwell to their medical appointments.
  • Phone calls to people who are living alone and socially isolated.
  • Training and equipping emergency response teams to help in a disaster.

Read on to see how you’ll be making the world better, one bite at a time.

Help people like Willem provide life-changing support

As a child living in Holland during World War II, Willem was rescued from starvation in a Red Crosscar. Now, he’s giving back by driving others in need. For the past 17 years, Willem has been a volunteer patient transport driver for Red Cross, taking people who are chronically ill to their medical appointments. He provides a comfortable and friendly journey to the hospital, and a listening ear if people want to talk. “Just helping people makes you feel good,” he says. “It’s an amazing experience. That’s what life’s about, life is about people, not things.”
When you get together with friends, family and colleagues this October you could be helping people to get to medical and social appointments.

could transport someone who’s unwell or elderly to their doctor’s appointments.

could connect someone who is isolated and lonely with a Red Cross volunteer for a month.

Spark vital community connections for people like Robyne

Every week Robyne makes phone calls as part of the Red Cross TeleYarn service, where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander volunteers call Indigenous people who are older and socially isolated. They have a yarn, and check that everything is going ok. It’s a service Robyne truly knows the importance of – three years ago when she was going through a tough time, a volunteer named Deb gave her a call. And then kept calling for the next couple of years. Robyne says these calls saved her life. “I know how much I looked forward to those phone calls, so, now I can return the favour,” she says. “I get a feeling that I’ve made somebody’s day a little brighter.”
When you fundraise this October you could help to spark life-changing community connections, and improve the mental health and well-being of socially isolated people.

can connect an older person with a volunteer to check on their health and well-being.

could help us make a phone call each day for a month to someone who's living alone or isolate.

Life-changing support for families like Jack and Laisa’s

Jack, Laisa and their three children lost everything when the Manaro volcano on the island of Ambae, Vanuatu erupted, causing flash flooding and mudslides. The mudslides destroyed their home and the village where they lived. Vanuatu Red Cross was first on the scene to assist with the evacuation, and provided basic essentials to help the family, like emergency shelter, cooking equipment and toiletries. “At first it was quite hard, but now we are all right,” says Jack. “I really want to say thank you to Red Cross, they helped a lot.” Jack is now building a new home for his family, and Red Cross continues to support them and many others like them with starting over. 
Your Big Cake Bake event can help us continue to train and equip emergency response teams to provide vital aid in disasters.

could provide a hygiene kit to someone who’s lost everything in a disaster.

can give a family who have lost their home an emergency shelter kit with tarpaulins, rope, blankets and bedding.