Who you are helping

Can you bake the world better? At Red Cross, we think so! 

Big Cake Bake is a fun and easy way to make a difference to people’s lives.

When you enjoy a slice of cake and a cuppa at a Big Cake Bake event the money raised will help connect more people to their strengths, each other and to the things we all need to build good lives. 

Your Big Cake Bake will support some of these important programs: 

  • Community hubs for people in regional Australia 
  • Phone calls to people who are living alone and socially isolated 
  • Support for newly arrived migrants and people seeking asylum to settle safely into their new communities

Read on to see how you’ll be making the world better, one bite at a time.  

Help people like Susan provide comfort and connection

Susan has been a volunteer with Red Cross for over 10 years. She’s helped during arguably some of the most traumatic events in Australia’s recent history – and this experience means she understands how important connection is for people going through a difficult time. 

 Susan has provided comfort and support to people feeling isolated by COVID-19 by making daily phone calls from her home. “We are a nice friendly voice coming from a safe place saying, ‘How are you, we care for you, how can we help you?’” she says. “It brings a layer of normalcy into their lives - just having a lovely chat and a laugh.” 

When you host your feel-good event this August you’ll be helping others feel good by bringing comfort and connection to people who are isolated and lonely. 

Could help Red Cross volunteers reach out to two Australian families after a disaster, in-person or on the phone. 

Could help us make a phone call each day for a month to someone who's living alone or isolated. 

Provide a warm welcome for migrant women like Preeti

Connected Women is a program run in the Northern Territory to help migrant women make connections, learn new skills, and thrive in their new home. Most have moved thousands of kilometres and arrive not knowing anyone and speaking little English.

Preeti came to Australia from India as a young mum, looking for better opportunities for her and her family. “When you come to a new place you have to re-establish yourself, you have to start from scratch and that can be a bit stressful and depressing. But when you have a support from other women who are also facing similar issues so that gives you that confidence to come out of it.”

With support from the program, she found work in her field and has formed bonds that have changed her life. She now volunteers with the program and helps other women like herself.

When you connect with your friends and family this August, you’re helping refugees and people seeking asylum connect with the community and feel safe, supported and valued.

could provide a public transport card to a newly arrived migrant to help them get to job interviews and medical appointments.

could provide groceries to a recently arrived refugee family in Australia, helping them to start their new lives in safety.

Spark community connections for people like Asho 

Asho is the first person to arrive at the Ceduna Community Hub every weekday. He’s a friendly and familiar face to the other volunteers, workers and visitors to the Hub, and as a local, plays an important role in providing support to those who need it.  

“I love doing it, love helping other people out,” he says. “I had a bloke a couple of days ago, come in stressed out and I sat him out the back and said…“What’s going on?” Because they feel comfortable talking to me and I just calmed him down just like that. “If you ever want to talk, just come in, I’ll be here every day.”” 

The Hub connects people from all walks of life. It provides a range of services, from community outreach promoting safety and wellbeing, to supporting people in the justice system, helping learner drivers get experience on the road, and transport around town. 

Your Big Cake Bake event can help us run regional community hubs, providing practical help and social connection. 

Could help to train a Red Cross volunteer in Psychological First Aid, so they can support people facing hardship.

Could connect someone who is isolated with a Red Cross volunteer for a month.