Stage 1 Food & Hospitality 2023

I’m baking the world better!

The Stage 1 Food and Hospitality Class of 2023 are hosting a Big Cake Bake event on Thursday 16th of November to help the Red Cross make a difference to the lives of thousands of Australians. This event is an assessment task in support of developing collaborative skills in planning and delivery of events involving food service. Staff will be invited to the Trade Skills Centre at the beginning of lunch to join in a shared afternoon tea. Barrister coffee service is also included in your donation

Big Cake Bake supports people in so many ways, from helping people when they’re alone or facing a crisis, to enabling phone calls and visits, trips to the doctor or community get-togethers, and training and equipping emergency volunteer teams.

To help make our Big Cake Bake deliciously successful you’re invited to share a cuppa and slice of cake and other savoury items, and donate to the Red Cross.

We'd love your support. Please donate to our page today.

Thank you!

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Thank you to all the staff who left a cash donation.


Navigator College


Jacob Hannemann


Susan Hopping

Super yummy!


Miss Nairn

I'm excited!!! :)


Simone Kenney

Looking forward to seeing all the yummy treats you bake up


Amy Fiegert

Congratulations Stage 1 Food & Hosp!! :)


Sonia Ford


Nola Kennedy

Congratulations Stage 1 Hospitality students on making the world better by being in it and creating action for change for good. So proud of you. You lift us all.




Sonia Ford

Looking forward to an amazing array of sweet and savoury items.